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Julien Massage - Martigny

Who I am?


I discovered massage therapy in the early 2000s when I was doing internships in the hospital environment. It is much later, in 2005, that I began my first practitioner training in massage therapy, in the "Institut bien-être" school, in Ardon, Valais. In one year, I was trained in the following massage techniques: relaxing massage, firming massage, sport massage before and after exercise, foot massage and back care massage.

Previously, I followed the initiation to Reiki Levels I and II with Gilberte Moos, Reiki Master in St-Léonard, Valais.

In 2008, I took advantage of a trip to India to acquire an ancient technique: the Ayurvedic massage with the "Centre for Ayurveda Panchkarma Therapies & Ancient", in Rishikesh.

Since then, I have attended continuous trainings, such as the seated massage and the massage for pregnant women.

Souffrez-vous de migraines?

Un bon nombre de clients et d'amis souffrant de migraines à répétition sont venus se faire masser...


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