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Massage for pregnant women

Despite the joy expecting, there remain a few drawbacks that come with this state of happiness, such as stiffness, muscle aches, nausea and stress. That is why the massage for pregnant women may be a beneficial tool to alleviate some of these drawbacks.

The contraindications

As pregnancy is more “fragile” in the first three months, it is not advisable to get a massage during this period.

How it works

Somewhat different from the traditional relaxing massage which begins lying on the stomach, the massage for pregnant women will be carried out in the lying on your side position with added cushions under the knees to provide the most comfort possible. Note that this type of massage should never last for more than 1 hour.

Of course, the massage for pregnant women is much softer than the traditional massage. Despite its softness, it will bring relief to tense muscles, to cramps associated with extra weight and physical changes during pregnancy. It will provide a reduction of stress and teach the future mother the art of relaxation. Note that relaxation is an important key to childbirth.

As pregnancy increases so does the lymph flow, the massage may help reduce swelling by increasing cellular breathing. Used early, it will help to maximize breathing capacity which will be needed during childbirth.

During pregnancy, the woman undergoes many changes both physically and psychologically and a reassuring touch may be just what she needs to heal the damage and prepare her for her new role as a mother. We can then consider the massage as an emotional support that could also benefit the baby.

Obviously, massage therapy is first and foremost a lifestyle choice but also a feeling of well-being and everyone can benefit from it.

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